Vaping is OK in smoking areas

I recall when my mom switched to E-cigarettes at the beginning of this year, because they were less harmful than regular cigarettes. I was happy at first because she’s been smoking cigarettes to relieve stress like most people do and decided to try an alternative way to dealing with her stress.

They were basically invented to help regular smokers quit to save their health, e-cigarettes have vapor while regular cigarettes have smoke. But when something seems less harmful to the body, people take advantage of it.

Yes, it’s odorless but do you really need to be in non-smoking areas vaping? You’re trying it out and you enjoy it but it could ruin the vaping movement.

According to an article on, “Electronic cigarette veterans are fighting hard to ensure that the e-cig industry succeeds.”

The vaping trend is booming and it could flop at anytime if laws that ban regular cigarettes apply to e-cigarettes.

However, e-cig producers lure customers into a trap with their advertisements. According to a USA Today article, “Up until recently, Blu e-cigs boasted on its website that one benefit over traditional cigarettes is that you can smoke in many places where traditional cigarettes aren’t allowed!”

Doesn’t that sound like a trap?  That’s where advertising kicks in: you buy the product only to take advantage of it.

This way of advertising could easily grab a person’s attention. It’s giving them the idea they can smoke or vape anywhere, but that’s not the case. USA Today stated, “The confusion about where you can or cannot smoke e-cigarettes has posed a challenge for the travel industry.”

According to the same article, the FDA has not ruled on the safety of e-cigarettes, but the agency will propose a rule on how to regulate them down the road.

“Even the FDA doesn’t think too much about the safety of e-cigs. If it’s being sold where regular cigarettes are sold, it should pose a caution,” said the article.

While they are odorless, you shouldn’t take advantage of it in non-smoking areas such as schools. It could give children a bad example, which is why schools have strict smoking policies.

Vaping on school premises is about as dangerous as smoking cigarettes and should also be banned according to an article on

This popular trend should be appreciated, or else smoking laws will be applied to vaping. I am not a smoker, but I support people who do smoke, as long as they know that the decisions they make have consequences. It’s the principle of being grateful that there are vaping and smoking areas.

It’s best to not make yourself look like an idiot and acknowledge laws could be passed.

E-cigs could be more dangerous if they are taken advantage of because of the confusion of the FDA not having a ban on them.

This trend could decrease once laws are applied. If you want to keep this privilege, don’t be obnoxious and vape where you aren’t supposed to vape.

Don’t act like you are better than smokers just because your habit might be less harmful. We all seem to have our own vices to deal with and we’re trying to promote a society of equality even in the most trivial of ways.

“Remember that you probably used to be just like them and just because you made the switch to e-cigarettes, you are not superior,” accordin to writer, Jimmy Hafrey.

If we are allowed to vape on campus, don’t abuse your priveliges. It’s as simple as watching the movies with the right ratings or knowing right from wrong.