Transferring is important

The idea of transferring while you’re going to a community college can be stressful. Even when you get the degree and graduate from a community college, you don’t necessarily have your plans set in stone for the college you are transferring to. However, it is extremely important you explore your options.

Los Medanos College has a transfer rate of less than 20 percent. Special programs enacted here at LMC like the Transfer Academy, Umoja, Puente and Honors are trying to increase the number of individuals transferring out. Community college is a baby step between high school and university. It’s time to branch out to another campus where it’s possibly more suited to meet your educational needs. Many schools offer various options and choices of majors whether it’s nursing, criminal justice, or computer science. Going to a 4-year college can be overwhelming, but it’s worth the challenge if you want to succeed in life, and earn a lot of money. Starting at a community college prepares you for a university, and it eases the stress.

The various universities benefit us by visiting community college campuses and giving us valuable information. You go to school, not only to get a job also so you can make your own career and create a legacy future generations can be proud of.

You are exposed to a lot more tools by spreading out to different places rather than staying in your comfort zone and settling. Transferring is one of those things that will take a lot of consideration because it will impact your future. Graduating from a university would add more credibility than if you just came from a community college. It is a highly important destination that we stop at on our way to our  pursuing our ultimate dream. It’s important to make sure students have the right tools to get to where they want to be.