LMC needs more security

Los Medanos College needs to have security in the back parking lots throughout the whole school day. I have been attending LMC for four semesters, and I have only seen police in the back parking lots sporadically.

Although closed off by a wire fence, the back lots, are still easily accessible to the public. This ultimately can lead to the endangerment of LMC students. People can easily go onto the campus through the trail entrances.

Sooner or later, this can lead to a break-in of any of the students’ cars or a possible assault of an LMC student.

Fear has only been rekindled in the minds of some students with the recent attempted robbery that occurred on the trail near LMC’s back entrance beyond Lot C. Although the victim got away from his attacker, the attacker also got away before any authorities arrived.

We have to ask ourselves, if there had been a police officer or security guard patrolling in the back of the campus would an incident like this occur in broad daylight.

While talking with LMC student Angie Templeton about the issue, she said she is very cautious when returning to her car in Lot C.

“I keep a close eye out for anything or anybody that looks strange,” she said.  Templeton also agreed that even though nothing bad has happened to her in the back parking lots so far, it would still be reassuring to see a security guard or police officer keeping an eye out for students’ safety.

“Having someone back there at all times could prevent someone from trying to break into a car or rob someone walking,” she said.

Since the parking lots fill up so fast, many students have to park in the back parking lots and sometimes even alongside the perimeter road.

Other students without cars have to walk through trails that lead into the back parking lots on their way to classes.

According to the website nces.edu.gov, in 2011 burglary and motor vehicle theft were the highest ranked criminal offenses on the Los Medanos College campus.

In 2005 there were five burglaries but no vehicle thefts. In 2010, there were six burglaries and two motor vehicle thefts, and by 2011 burglaries had doubled to 12 and motor vehicle theft had also shot up to 12 on the LMC campus. Burglaries and motor vehicle theft are rising in numbers year after year.

As students, we can only do so much to protect ourselves on campus. We cannot carry any kind of weapon for protection so keeping someone constantly patrolling the area or just standing back there can be very reassuring for students.

We should feel safe at school and not be afraid of criminal activities such as being robbed.

The rising statistics of robbery and car theft incidents on the LMC campus make it clear that we students need a little more protection.

If we had at least one form of protective authority assigned to remain in the more isolated areas of the school, such as the parking Lot C, it could help prevent future burglaries or car thefts.

Students have many things on their minds during their school day — homework, classes, jobs — and they often forget to keep a close eye out for their surroundings.

There should be security in the back parking lots whenever the college is open to help prevent any dangerous issues from occurring.

With a little help more help from campus police students would worry less and remain safer.