Restart bus pass program

Tri Delta Transit should once again work with the Contra Costa Community College District to offer students discounts on bus fare. Considering that a vast number of students at LMC alone utilize the transit system, it would be logical that Tri Delta Transit consider re-envisioning a program that would allow for students to receive a reduced rate for use of the bus system.
Historically, there has been a program in place where LMCAS and 511 came together and provided the funds needed, then $28,000, to provide students with free bus passes.
That program ran for five semesters and ended abruptly when Tri Delta Transit pulled out of the deal, largely due to the crumbling economical times in which this deal was struck.
Going to college costs a lot of money. Even at the community college level, prices for tuition, books and materials can be overwhelming. But these costs do not include getting to class. In order to take classes, you first have to get here.
Transportation to LMC, or any destination, is expensive. Unless you bike to school, there are only a few options for transportation: you can drive or be driven to campus, pay for parking not to mention the cost of gas and insurance, or you can take the bus. Both of these options are very expensive, as parking at LMC for Fall 2013 was $40.Tri Delta Transit needs to consider allowing the release of discounted tickets to LMC. If there were some discounted tickets provided to LMC, then LMCAS could help subsidize the cost with monies from their fund.
511 has helped to subsidize the tickets in the past, so it is not out of the realm of possibilities that they could help to reduce the prices even further.For those students who do not have access to a car to get to school, the bus is largely the only way to attend class.
At $2 a pop, local rides on the bus can quickly add up, and become expensive for students, even those who work hard to be able to get to their college classes.
Tri Delta Transit offers a variety of passes, including: single ride passes for $2, 24-hour pass for $3.35, 31-day pass for $57 and a 20-ride pass for $33.
Since classes generally run for approximately five months in the spring and fall, the cost for monthly passes would exceed $250.Your schedule also plays a role in the amount of money that it costs to get to class. If your classes run every day, your would pay more than someone who is just taking a weekly class.
If you have classes early morning and late night in the same day, your costs are even more extravagant if you chose to go home between classes.
Revitalizing a program once conceived by both Tri Delta Transit and the student government at LMC could alleviate one of the most stressful facets of the college experience, one that people sometimes fail to consider when they start to plan their classes.We aren’t advocating a free pass for students, just some help for those who cannot bear the full cost for transportation to school.