Let’s make campus a safer place

An issue that has bothered me since I first read about it is the issue of theft on campus. It bothered me because when you come to school, you expect to come to a place where you can feel safe and you gain more than you lose. Who would think on a regular morning while walking to class you could end up losing more than what you gain?
An important point about this issue that has me thinking is where was the proper security to have possibly scared the individual from robbing anyone on campus? Does that type of security exist?
If not, why not? The fact that the student had to run all the way onto the campus to get help shocks me. That raises too much of a chance that you can be chased or followed. Our students deserve an answer and deserve to feel protected.
My biggest concern is based on a personal experience of mine.
I am originally from Oakland where crime the norm for most of the citizens and is something that is expected. I moved away from there to get away from the fear that I could be the next target, intentionally or unintentionally. I have experienced being followed, being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being the victim of a crime when I was just minding my own business walking home from school. It doesn’t feel good at all.
Everyone should have the chance to have that place where they will know that no matter what, they will always be safe outside of their home.
In Oakland, I never had that and never would have expected, as a woman, that my school here couldn’t be that place for me either.
With this letter, I hope that a light bulb will come on for someone to try and rectify the issue of lack of security.
The student’s safety should be everyone’s No. 1 priority.
Something has to change or we will continue to have these close calls and someone could get hurt.

— Rose Dixon