Enough with bad opinions

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t hear someone’s opinion on money, politics, or religion or how to live life. As a care free individual, those judgments always seem to just sit in my head as I wonder “who cares?”

We each live our lives in our own way and believe whatever it is we choose to believe in. So why do some people feel the need to badger us with their views? I would think that in the year 2013 people would have grown beyond their close-minded ideas of the past and give individuals space to think and live.

We judge celebrities every day — people we don’t even know personally — and spout opinions about how much we dislike whatever they do or how terrible they are. But how much do we really know about what they do? If you’ve ever visited Perezhilton.com or tuned into TMZ you most likely understand.

Gossip blogs and magazines show us just a glimpse of who they are and already we decide our personal opinions about them. It’s just like how we make up our minds about people we see at school or at the grocery store. I guess judgments happen naturally. I guess that’s where the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all” comes from.

Yet there are always people who thinks it’s okay to tell you their opinions about your life. They talk about how your religion isn’t the best choice or that your view on gay marriage is wrong. But there’s a time when someone must say “enough.”

It sort of gets to the point where you start to block things out and let someone preach to you about the wrong you’re doing and you give a little nod like you fully get what they’re saying. Judgment has become a part of everyday life.

It’s sad that our society has become immune to bringing others down instead of embracing one another. The younger generations have started experiencing it as well. Teen bullying is an unfortunate subject that has gotten worse over the years. With the help of social media everyone is a critic.

Facebook, for example, is full of opinions. You don’t even have to be in the same room as someone to hear what they have to say about the president or the Kardashians.

Maybe even my opinion on these opinions is judgmental. But in my experience, most of the time, people who are the most opinionated about your life don’t even know what you have gone through to come to those decisions. Everyone walks a different path in life and comes to make decisions that others may not agree with, but who cares? Life is about diversity and meeting others who are different.

Not all opinions are bad, however, if someone asks you for your personal opinion, feel free to express what you think. Opinions are important in situations where constructive criticism is needed.

And not all opinions are good either, like on religion or politics.

Those types of topics are subjective and are your own personal choices. Not everyone is brought up with a religious background and it could be uncomfortable for some to be told they live in sin.

Trying to convince someone that what they think is wrong just because you feel another way isn’t the way to go about life. Of course, you have the right to your own opinion but it doesn’t mean everyone else should adopt your views.

Opinions can make people blind of what’s actually wrong about a situation because they’re so wrapped up in their own viewpoints.

I heard once these wise words from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”

So why not strive to be great and embrace others and their differences.