Respond carefully to crisis

For us, a semester has begun with faculty and students possibly still seeking updates from the admissions office. For Barack Obama, the nominal leader of the free world, his hours and that of his cabinetry are shaped by updates and possible reprisals against the reported chemical weapon attacks of Bashar Assad against a portion of Syria’s citizenry.

Hope amidst those urging this and cautioning against this — there is a remembrance of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

If this name is not familiar to you he was the heir presumptive of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1914 he was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip. Princip probably never considered when he pulled the trigger World War 1 would come as a result, but with the complex web of promised mutual support between empires this is exactly what came to be.

It is in World War 1 the horror of chemical weapons was learned. At the closing of the long grueling war full of atrocities and attrition it was decided by nations these weapons were not to be used again.

It can be argued World War II came about as a direct result from the failed peace process of World War I. If this belief is subscribed to then the devastating potentials of nuclear arms and the holocaust can be traced back to Princip’s bullet as well.

A response should be made to Assad attacks because inaction such as that of European leaders to Hitler’s early aggressions can also lead to devastating consequences.

According to an article by Oliver Knox entitled, “On Syrira, Obama says eyeing ‘shot across the bow,” Obama is looking for a tailored response meant to not lead to a protracted struggle such as what occurred in Iraq.

There are times one shot aimed to be small can have such drastic ramifications. The danger posed by the use of chemical weapons is a global threat. The response should come from as many global leaders and its people as much as possible. The United States should not act as the world police rather the outrage should come from all. Let the people of Syria say we will not accept these atrocities and let any aid we give to be to stand solidly with them to help their voice be heard.

Let us all remember the Archduke and the bullet of Princip and the waste of life, which came from one action, which lead to so many more.