Don’t hurt Mother Earth, cherish it

Shershah Ebadi

Spring season is upon us. Trees are blossoming while flowers are showing off their beautiful faces and colors while wearing irresistible perfumes and oozing sweet nectar. Birds have become singers and butterflies and other pollinators are restless and mesmerized by it all. As a lover of nature I, too, have become restless and mesmerized by it all.

There is something about the temperature, smell and chemistry of spring air that causes man, woman, animal and plant to become physically active and search for a mate.

Thus spring is dear to all of life, and it is a season of celebration.

Unfortunately, in the most recent centuries, humankind seems to have turned its back to all the colors of life and no longer takes part in its celebrations. Instead, humanity has been too busy building a world of its own: a plain, colorless and lifeless world where gloomy skies are preferred over blue, war over peace, crude oil over water, and selfishness over cooperation.

We have sterilized our fertile lands, contaminated our blue seas, and polluted our beautiful clear skies. Besides killing millions of our own species for material gains and prestige, we have also killed millions of animals and plants, many of which we may never see again. And we still claim to be the best and most civilized of all creatures!

However, we are still fortunate that spring season pays us a visit every year. But for how long, we do not know. The message is clear, though: Spring season says, “behold, I have brought you a gift. A gift more precious that any ruby, pearl, diamond or gold. Cherish my gift and do not place material objects or prestige above it, for I may not bring it to you next time. I see much greed and arrogance in your weary eyes.”

And if we continue our centuries-old behavior and do not take heed to this message, our children may never witness the season.

Today, the least we could do is put our trash in trashcans and recycle accordingly, conserve water at home and plant trees wherever and whenever we can. We can speak against big corporations, interest groups, government officials and individuals who impose wars upon our fellow human beings — whatever faith, ethnicity or race they may be. After all, each and every one of them has a name, a family, a dream, and an inspiration like you and I. We can speak against those who are committing crimes against life by destroying our beautiful forests, staining our virgin oceans with oil, and stifling our blue skies with toxic gases and let us promote mutual respect and cooperation among one another because if not, we may lose our beautiful spring season.