LMC not quite like high school

Matthew Rakchhat


As a current college student in my second semester, I have found ways to make college easier for me. Coming into my first semester last year, I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone always said it was just like high school but more freedom, so I thought I could slack off a little and still get good grades like I did in high school. But soon enough I found out that was not the case when I received my grades for that semester. So starting my second semester, I decided to get more involved.

When beginning college for the first time, I have now found that it is much easier to get high grades if you become involved with the other students in your class and to build a relationship with your instructors. By doing so, you will be able to get the work you missed from a class or to just get extra help with something you don’t understand. The instructor may not always be available to help you at all times of the day so you will have to rely on someone else to help you outside of the classroom. Having a relationship with your peers makes the experience more enjoyable.

Going through college is definitely not an easy experience. It may feel like you are still in high school, but now the work becomes more time consuming with the amount given and how much time you will have to spend in labs. So if you want college to be as easy as you envisioned it, I suggest building relationships with your instructors and most importantly, your peers. It makes college life a lot easier and less stressful.

— Matthew Rakchhat