Spring forward into a new life

Madeline Henderson

It is hard to believe spring is here again with its blue skies and hot weather with rain sprinkled in on occasion.

One can feel the spring aura in the air as the ducks are back in force causing traffic problems in front of the school once again.

What unfortunately comes with spring, however, is the lack of attendance once seen in classes.

It seems like these two months of school went by quickly.

In January, a person could not find a seat in a classroom because it was so overfilled that some students had to sit in the hallway in order to attend the class.

When you walk in a classroom now, the room is half empty because of the lack of students.

It gives me a creepy feeling wondering what happened to all the students I saw in these classrooms two months ago.

I assume many of them received their financial aid money and are now no longer with us at LMC.

Of course, some of them do actually drop classes because they were too hard.

The money is to be used for buying books needed for the classes we take.

It is also supposed to be used for a students living expensive while attending college.

It may not be a lot of money, but it’s better than having to pay $200 cash for a book.

A lot of students do not see it that way.

If they did, there would not be any half empty classrooms.

It is a shame that a student will enroll in three or four classes making sure they will have enough units to get money from the government.

They know that they have no intentions of completing these classes, so they take away from other students who are interested in taking courses but are unable to due to the classes being full.

Some of those students will wait for the second check to be sent to them later in the semester.

They are just taking up space and going through the motions as if they were here to learn.

After March, the classrooms will be even emptier than they are now.

They do not realize how they are messing up their lives.

They have a chance to do something to change their lives and accomplish their dreams but they would rather play around with their educational future and only come for the free money.

I returned back to college here at LMC in 2010 after 35 years.

I attended Laney College in Oakland in the late 1970s to major in Journalism because of my love for writing.

I wanted to accomplish my dream of becoming a writer and returned back to receive my AA certificate.

I am so close to doing that and I will not let anything distract me.

I thoroughly enjoy going to college.

I am not an honor student by any means, but I am doing the best I can.

I love to write and I plan to use what I will learn here at LMC to help me become a free-lance columnist for magazines.

Also, I have the desire to write a book and I know if I stay on the right path I will see this come to pass.