Let’s celebrate history together

Miles Walker


Regarding the recent article in the Feb. 22 issue of the LMC Experience “Black History is Celebrated,” I feel black history should have more than one month to be celebrated and recognized.

African Americans have been through a lot not only being a minority but also being enslaved and fighting for rights that should have been given no matter what color you are.

With this day and age, yeah we have rights and aren’t enslaved, but one month just isn’t enough to tell our story. One month doesn’t tell the obstacles we overcame nor does it tell about our powerful leaders that we have to thank for that.

I believe that giving African Americans more than just a month will help motivate them to do and strive for better things. When we have a month to celebrate I feel it should be shown everywhere throughout the school and citywide, it shouldn’t just be in one little spot.

I also feel more students should take part in the celebration of Black History Month. If more students took part and showed they care about it then it would be more widely recognized and create a domino effect.

— Miles Walker