Life can have its ups and downs

Madeline Henderson

There is a saying in life, that life is like a baseball game especially when the pitcher throws you curve balls. Everyone knows that a curve ball is hard to hit, if you stand there and let the curve ball come then you are in serious trouble. It is a kind of pain that hurts so bad you wonder if you will survive it. But you know that you will survive whatever life throws at you if you keep the faith.

The year 2012 was a year that my family and I will never forget. It was a year where we had to say goodbye forever to three of our family members four months apart. It was three curve balls that life threw at me very hard.

In March of 2012, my brother passed away from cancer, my oldest daughter followed him in death in August and four months later I said goodbye to my husband of 23 years who died from a heart attack. As I said before if it was not for my faith, I would not be standing now and still knowing there is going to be good and bad times in our lives.

The holidays were not a happy time for my family but we made it through the year of 2012. I had to make some decisions about my future without my husband and one was what am I am going to do in 2013? I thought about not coming back to school for the spring semester but my family encouraged me to continue on with my education because as they were saying you are right at the finish line so why give up now. They were right and sometimes we need to be open to what people say because it can make sense. But we as humans feel I do not want anyone telling me how to live my life.

There is another saying in life and that is life is what you make of it. The choices you make in life are the ones you have to live with. And if you make your bed hard you my friend will be the one who will sleep in it.

My faith helps me a lot of times from making the wrong move in my life. I was glad that I did return back to school, because it is keeping my mind busy and not worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow because I have no control over tomorrow. If life decides to throw me another curve ball all I can do is accept it and try to make the best of the situation.

This country made a decision last November to re-elect Obama as president again and the Republicans were not to happy but what could they do but accept it as one of the curve balls of life and make the best of the situation by supporting the President because one never knows in 2016 this country may have a women for president.

Our First Lady decided to wear her hair with bangs and there were many comments about it. Well if she likes it then the country has no choice but to like it too. See what I mean about choices, decisions and the curve balls of life either they will make you stronger or they will make you say what the popular 1980s R&B singer said in his song “What is going on.”

So hold on to what life may bring your way and make sure that if you make a choice or a decision that you will not regret it later on in life.