All things come to an end


Pete Costanza

The air is getting crisp, the holiday lights are going up and the fir trees are inside homes ready to be decorated. It’s once again the holidays, a festive time where we look forward in life, and it is also the time where a lot of things have some sort of ending creating a tendency to reminisce about all of which came before.

It can be said the same about the current Fall 2012 semester here at Los Medanos College, which is fast coming to a close. Many of the students here are hard at work preparing and studying for a multitude of finals — such as participating in the Study Slam to cram in those last remaining bits of information into their minds. Others may have to write lengthy essays that can easily become a thirty-page odyssey. Whatever the case may be the students are working hard towards a finish line in the coming weeks.

We, the Experience staff, were also hard at work preparing this final issue that you now hold in your hands. Many long hours were put into not only this final issue but in all the previous issues before hand. We appreciate you, the readers, for taking the time to see and read the final product every Friday throughout this semester. We hope that whatever we have written over the past 13 issues helped enlighten, broaden and engage your minds as to what goes on here at Los Medanos College and even possibly around the world. However, it must be noted that while most of the Experience staff will still be here come January giving you what we hope you find to be a great student newspaper, a few of us are moving on in our lives to other things and this is the final time we will be working as actual Experience staffers.

From those of us who are moving on, we especially thank you all for taking the time to read our articles, think about our columns and debate either for or against us on our reviews. And after being a part of the staff for 2 years learning how to make a newspaper and write for one, we have learned how to be active and engaging with our writing, balanced and cultivated as journalists. So it means a lot to us, to know there are people out there who enjoy what we do best and that is to bring the news to you weekly. Now with that said, the entire staff here would like to say, “Happy Holidays” to all, as page production wraps up for the semester.