Dealing with life decisions

Madeline Henderson

Life is made up of nothing but decisions, but are we making the right decisions? Recently I had to make one of those serious decisions concerning a class. I like the class and the teacher but the work is very complicated — of course I am talking about math. We definitely don’t have a thing going on, but I have to take math because I need it in order to receive my AA certificate.

Staying in school when things are not going right is a big decision. I had wanted to drop school back in August due to a death in my family — my oldest daughter died the day before school started, so I was unable to start school the first week.

I was very depressed and did not want to continue my schooling. Four of my classes dropped because I was not there the first day, so in a way I wanted to say ‘forget school,’ but my family did not agree with my decision.

I am glad and grateful that I have a family concerned about my welfare, I enjoy going to school after 30 years and I still have three other classes that need my attention. But now I have another decision to make — what to do about my math class. Life is full of decisions like marriage, getting a job, having a baby and buying a home.

The person that you are planning to spend the rest of your life with — how much do you know about this person? Are you sure you’re ready to getting up in the middle of the night to feed a crying baby? To take care of a child until they are old enough to take care of themselves?

What kind of career will you choose and if you have the money to go to school to obtain this career? I remember in 2010 when I decided to return back to school to achieve what I started to do in my life 30 years ago at Laney College.

It was a hard decision to make because I am older now and have been through a lot in my life. I am happy that I did return back to school. My journalism teacher has been a big help in my life and the students I work with on the newspaper have helped me too. I enjoy writing for the school newspaper and watching the editors put it together.

Life can be what you want it to be and so can the decisions you make. Sometimes life’s decisions can be disappointing but you have to keep on going and make the best of it. I really don’t care if it takes me four years to achieve my decision to complete my education and receive my AA certificate or twelve; it will be something that will be satisfying to my soul.

The people of the United States will have to make a big decision on November 6 for who will be the next president of this country — with President Obama having a good chance of being the president of this country for another four years.

He brought our men and women home from Iraq and he also destroyed Bin Laden and his terrorist group. The decision lies once again with the people on who will be the next president of this country.

Some people feel President Obama has done a good job as this country first Afro-American president and I feel the same way.