Tri Delta gives students the blues

Juancarlos Olson

I am concerned — and I’m sure many others are too — with the services of the Tri Delta Transit bus company. It is horrible. The bus never arrives on its scheduled time and is almost always late, making it near impossible to get to school on time. The only reasonable resolution is to catch a much earlier bus to ensure you arrive way before your class even begins. But in this day and age what college student in their right mind would choose that over an extra hour of sleep or leaving work an hour early?

I don’t mean to joke around about this as it is an important issue. As high school graduates, we are no longer required by law to attend any further schooling. We put our own time, effort and money into the decision of attending college so we can better our lives and in turn further and better this country. But if it is increasingly harder to get to school because of a lack of a competent public transport system then we are just wasting that time, effort and money.

Catching public transport should be encouraged as it helps us create less traffic on our roads, is cheaper than gas, and most importantly lowers our effect on the environment. But if we have a system we can’t rely on then no one will be willing to make that switch.

I think we need stricter performance reviews on the tardiness and reliability of buses, with penalties laid down by the government if the quota is not met. There should also be more scheduled buses, so if you do miss one then you won’t have to wait too long for the next one.

There are so many positives to taking public transport over driving, both economically and environmentally, but how can we take advantage of it when it is run on a system that is hard to put your faith in? Something needs to change.

— Juancarlos Olson