One freshmen to another

Jasmine Gordon

As most people expect, college life knocks high school life out of the ballpark. I know this because it is my first year here at Los Medanos College, and a lot of stuff is new to me. Not only me, but all of the freshman students at Los Medanos College are running in circles. Out with the high school life, in with the sophisticated college life, or as your parents would say; ”You’re an adult, not a kid!” Now we make the decisions in our lives. We take what our parents taught us, and we run with it.
We are not getting any younger, and that’s a fact. Instead of going to 6 classes a day from 8:00am to 3:00pm, we have the choice to pick what days we go to class, and the times we go. Honestly, I thought college life would make me want to say “I Quit” but it didn’t. It made me see that high school was not a bluff, and that I did not waste half of my teenage years being different for nothing. It makes you want to take your life seriously if you have not already.
We are not going to school to party and socialize, we are going to school to obtain a degree, or transfer to define a better you. When I first entered Los Medanos College I thought that it would be exactly like high school. It is not. You are in a place where you could address your instructor by his or her first name, and you could get up and go to the bathroom with out having to ask permission.
I really didn’t want to grow up, but it’s going to happen. I don’t want to still be stuck at Disneyland trying to ride the teacups at 24 years old. I’ve never been to Disneyland, I hope to one day go, but I won’t ride the teacups. Basically I’m saying its okay to be a kid sometimes, but at the end of the day you’re an adult.
College is a huge step from high school, and sometimes you have to leave your past behind. One thing your can not do in college is upset your instructor. Back in high school, it was a referral for disrespecting the teacher, but now your instructor drops you from his or her class if you behave in such a childish manner. This may be your first year as college students at Los Medanos College, and you can’t afford to screw it up now.
We made it this far, what can possibly go wrong? When people usually ask that question on TV, something usually bad happens. Also, college is not free. We are now paying for practically everything, from books to lunch and cost per unit. The goal is to survive each obstacle you climb, each risk you take.
You can’t play around any longer; you have to take the rest of your life seriously. We are reaching new life; we can now become the person we want to be. The next teacher, journalist, nurse, doctor, actress, singer or whatever you put your mind to it. We did have two and a half months over summer to fool around but yet we enter college still with our high school mindset. It’s okay to embrace what you are and show your real talents. Do not be boxed up socially! Take it from me, I was know as the quietest girl in high school, I still get that, but I was still able to give people great conversations whenever they talk to me. As a freshman, I’d say make something of your self, and do not waste time.