Welcome day spring 2020


Krys Shahin

A student interacts with Fabian Ortega (right) before spinning the wheel of prizes during Mustang Day.

Hillary Hetrick, Staff writer

Los Medanos College started its Spring 2020 semester off with ‘Welcome Week,’ a week full of fun activities and events to welcome students back after a long winter break. 

One of the events during ‘Welcome Week’ was Mustang Day, which took place Wednesday, Jan. 29 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Indoor Quad. During the festivities, Student Life and the LMC Food Pantry partnered together to give out free hot dogs, pizza, chips and school supplies to anyone on campus who stopped by. Renee Savage, Interim Student Life Coordinator, helped hand out the food during the event. 

“We’re just wanting to give everybody some fuel for the day,” said Savage. “You can either get a hot dog or a pizza slice.” 

Nearby, Jessica Quintos, LMCAS Publicity and Outreach Coordinator, was volunteering at a table where students can enter a drawing to win a free parking permit. Several students took the opportunity to enter the drawing, and the winner of the free parking permit was announced that Friday. 

Other than Student Life and the Food Pantry, other clubs, departments and outside organizations were present at Mustang Day. The Shenanigans improv club, Transfer and Career Services, EOPS, DSPS, Rubicon, and Stand and Census 2020 were a few among them.

Transfer and Career Services Adviser, Edward Beanes, took the time to demonstrate what the upcoming Opportunity Fair will include. The Opportunity Fair will take place on  Wednesday, Feb. 26 in the indoor quad from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“It [the fair] is going to promote programming for students to be able to access opportunities that relate to the majors,” said Beanes. “We want students to start thinking about … what kind of experiences and skills can help them define their major rather than trying to figure a major out taking classes and not having any work experience whatsoever.” 

According to Beanes, the Opportunity Fair can assist students in gaining work experience in relation to their major so that they do not graduate college with a blank resume. 

“Employers are going to ask you questions about your skills and your resume’, not your academic transcript,” said Beanes. “They’re going to want to know what you’ve done that demonstrates your major.” 

Representatives from Census 2020 were offering information to students about temporary part-time and full-time job positions they have available. The jobs will last several weeks and give people an opportunity to earn extra income and help their community. There are thousands of jobs available offered that have flexible hours, paid training and weekly paychecks. For more information and/or to apply, visit http://2020census.gov/