Job fair aims for success


William Dunton,

Students of Nursing, EMS and Fire backgrounds had an opportunity to connect with potential employers at a Job Fair this week. More specifically, the job fair was meant for Licensed Vocational Nurses, Registered Nurses, Emergency Medical Service students, Fire Tech students, and Alumni.

The fair took place Tuesday, May 1 in the gymnasium. There were 29 employers in attendance. Students were given the opportunity to connect with employers and learn about open part and full-time positions, and volunteer opportunities.

When the doors opened, students got right down to business and dispersed to different employer tables with questions immediately ready. There was a professional atmosphere to the entire event.

The employers had different ways to entice students into coming to their tables with handouts like candy, pens and key chains available. The San Jose Fire Department even had a fire axe on display as well as instructional videos playing.

“I’ve seen lots of high quality candidates walk through here,” said Mitch Matlow, the Public Information Officer for the San Jose Fire Department. The fire departments were a popular spot for students to drift to.

Tara Sanders, who is the Community Partnership Liaison for LMC, coordinated the event. For Sanders, the event is “an actual outlet for students that are in those prospected programs that are either about to graduate or have graduated to actually get them career employment.”

A great part about this event is that on the spot hiring is a possibility, according to Sanders. She said that it isn’t as common, however.

Employers were surprised about the good turnout and it really showed — there were students at virtually every table.

Undergrad nursing student Charles Miral had success at the fair.

“A lot of places are willing to hire new grads and that’s an advantage for me since I just graduated last semester so I’m pretty stoked about that,” Miral stated.

He even came prepared with a resume ready to go and said he wanted to apply everywhere.

Job Fairs like this one aim to provide students with job opportunities as they approach graduation, as well as information and resources for students thinking about what to do with their lives.