Student talent honored in show


Cathie Lawrence

LMC Art instructor Rebecca Talley and student Ashlyn Bell celebrate Bell’s win at the Student Art Exhibit award ceremony Thursday, Feb 8.

Azi Carter, [email protected]

Art enthusiasts gathered in the LMC Art Gallery for the Student Art Exhibit reception and awards ceremony last Thursday. The crowd sipped on citrus-flavored water, munched on crackers, cheese and grapes while artists met greeted the campus community.

Student gallery assistants Sabrina Sorvari and Jennifer Ramos were on hand to answer questions while replenishing snacks and monitored large backpacks to prevent damage to the art on display.

“This art show is definitely unique,” said Akila Briggs. “I really appreciated the wide range of mediums that are represented.”

Briggs is an art student whose concentration includes both graphic design and acrylic and this semester she is enrolled in a color theory class.

“Most of the time art shows stick to one medium,” Briggs added.

But this year’s exhibit includes 2D and 3D photography, ceramics, sculpting, graphic design, drawing and painting with a total of 68 entries.

The diversity of the art was the crowd pleaser, which caused many to revisit and take photos of their favorite pieces while chatting with the artists about their work.

“Each student has a major strength and they got to demonstrate it and were rewarded for their efforts,” said Briggs, who was supporting several friends who won awards.

There was a continuous flow of spectators until the closing of the event. Supporting friends and family members was the common denominator for many in attendance.

The Best in the Show went to Cathie Lawrence for her piece “Tall Tales From a Whimsical Sailor,” a one-of-a kind piece that was a photo on luminous metal print.

The subject in the winning photo was Lawrence’s husband Craig.

Kyle Davis
Cathie and Craig Lawrence gaze at Cathie’s portrait of him.

“I am so very proud of my wife,” he said. “She is a great photographer who has a great eye for great photos.”

There were tears in his eyes as his wife’s name was called to receive her award.

“I was stunned when I heard my name announced for winning Best in Show,” said Lawrence with tears streaming down her face as she received her award. “It is thrilling to have my artwork recognized by the Art Guild of the Delta.”

The student art exhibit is a project that has several phases, the first being submissions. This year there were over 250 entries, according to Art Department Chair Ken Alexander.

“This art exhibit is our opportunity to share with the community all that our students are doing, and all that they are capable of doing,” Alexander said.

Gallery Director Judi Petite was responsible for the selection of the curator to judge the exhibition. She chose The Art Guild of the Delta.

The Art Guild of the Delta is a non-profit organization sponsored by the Brentwood Art Society, whose purpose is to build a network of artists who work to promote and inspire creative influences amongst themselves and the community.

Representatives from the guild were on hand to award the winners with a plaque and a cash award.

If you haven’t been yet, there is still time to check out the exhibition as it continues through Tuesday, Feb. 27. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Thursday, from 1:30-2:30 and 4-6 p.m.

Here’s full list of the award-winners:

Juror Award for 2D Design-


McKenzie Sherlock

Acrylic Paint


Juror Award for 3D Design-

“Untitled 4”

Esteban Garcia

Tulle Fabric


Juror Award for Ceramics-

“El Jarron Azul”

Guillermo Duarte Jr.

Sculpture Raku Clay, Porcelain Clay, Salt Fire


Juror Award for Color Theory-

“The Weekend”

Ashlyn Bell

Acrylic on Canvas


Juror Award for Drawing-


Erika Hernandez

Vine Charcoal on Newsprint


Juror Award for Painting-

“2 O’clock”

Sabrina Sorvari

Acrylic on Canvas


Juror Award for Photography-


Brandon Orozco

Inkjet Print


Juror Award for Sculpture-

“Fruit of Life”

Malik Lawson

Skewer Sticks, Spray Paint, and Wire


Juror Award for Digital Art-


Daisy Gutierrez



Best in Show-

“Tall Tales From a Whimsical Sailor”

Cathie Lawrence

Luminous Metal Print


Art Guild of the Delta 2D Scholarship Award-

“Untitled 6”

Esteban Garcia

Acrylic on Illustration Board


Art Guild of the Delta 3D Scholarship Award-

“Sabertooth Tiger”

Taylor Seers

Clay, Underglaze, Slip