Clubs recruit members

Event goes on as planned despite rain

Amidst the rain and the clouds, the Los Medanos College students gathered in the outdoor quad to enjoy food, games and of course, to check out the clubs. Many clubs were in attendance, despite the weather from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Some of the clubs represented included the newly chartered LMC Art Club, Debate Team Society, LMC’s Dance Team and the American Medical Student Association. Numerous booths had catalogs and raffles where students could win prizes such as gift cards and t-shirts. There was also food and music for students to enjoy while they browsed the different tables.
“Clubs are a good opportunity for students to get involved with volunteering, fundraising and even community service,” said Melissa Cobarruriaz of the AMSA club. Club Day attendees had smiles on their faces while talking to those running the booths and socializing with their peers.
“Joining a club is also good to have on your transfer transcripts and teaches you to be on time as well as responsible,” said AMSA club member Arslan Sagheer.

LMC has a total of 23 clubs to choose from, from Puente to League of Legends. Even though the rain was not his favorite part, Solomon Uhuru of the LMC Art Club said, “My favorite part about Club Day is seeing the students interested and engaged with the school. The Art club teaches students to not only be creative, but successful with their art.”
The clubs on campus offers recreational activities, entertainment and many other opportunities to get the students more involved on campus. There are also chances for students to fundraise for future club events and field trips.
While this club day was cold and cloudy, everyone still participated as much as they could even though the rain made it difficult for people to actually stop at the tables.
The theme for this semester’s Club Day was, “A day at the beach.” Despite the season, there were brightly colored tablecloths, seashells, beach balls and plastic sunglasses out on some of the tables for decoration.
There was also a summer theme in the music that was played. Songs like Will Smith’s “Summertime” and the Isley Brothers’ “Summer Breeze” blared out of the garbage bag covered speakers as students milled about the quad inquiring about how to join some of the clubs.
Many of the booths had flyers and brochures informing students about what their club entails. Each club had representatives out as well who gave prospective members a more detailed explanation of their club’s activities.
If you would like more information on the Clubs LMC has to offer, visit