Foundation relocates


Cathie Lawrence

LMC employees A’kilah Moore, Donna McConnell and Lisa McFarland chat at the open house of the new Foundation Office.

“I feel more a part of the campus community,” said Adrian Williams of the LMC Foundation Office. Williams, along with members of various departments, took part in an Open House January 26 commemorating the new location of the LMC Foundation, Marketing and Media Design, Office of College Advancement, Office of Planning and the Workforce Development Department, now all located on the fourth level of the Core.

“I like it,” added Williams. “I like it a lot.”

Multi-colored streamers hung from the entrance way as guests were treated to snacks and beverages provided by the staff. Wine glasses filled with a sparkling pineapple punch and bags of fresh popped popcorn were enjoyed as attendees conversed among each other.

“We just want to let people know where we are,” said Kiran Kamath, Sr. Dean of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness. Kamath, whose department is the only one to have been previously located in the same building, greeted guests as they walked towards the refreshments, urging them to “come in” and “have something to eat.”

And they did.

Along with the addition of the new Student Services Center, the new location of the offices on the Core’s fourth floor are another example of an ongoing process to bring resources together into a centralized location to help benefit both students and faculty alike.