Graduation ceremony to be held online


Cathie Lawrence

Jesus Briseno proudly waves a Mexican flag as he walks up to the stage at graduation. Photo taken in 2017.

Krys Shahin, Editor-in-Chief

The Coronavirus pandemic has ceased all large gatherings and will until further notice, which includes graduation for Los Medanos College students. 

The ceremony, which was originally going to be held face-to-face on the last day of classes May 22, will not be pushed back, but will be online rather than in-person. 

The virtual ceremony is set to be released May 22 at 3 p.m. at

“It’s quite unfortunate and to do that virtually isn’t exactly what we want to do,” said LMC President Bob Kratochvil. 

The graduation will feature an online video ceremony, recognition of all this year’s graduates with the degrees each student has received, along with submitted quotes and feature videos of speeches, according to Dave Belman, dean of Student Success and member of the Graduation Committee. 

The updated graduation page on LMC’s website explains “LMC knows how important the ability to celebrate graduation in-person is to our students. When it becomes safe and appropriate again for large events, we will explore the options that may be available at that time.”

LMC’s student government talked about the switch in a meeting held April 8, expressing their thoughts and opinions about the change. 

“For the people who do want recognition for their accomplishments, this is the next best thing we can do,” said LMCAS Vice President Shagoofa Khan.

The general opinion regarding the virtual graduation from students was that the situation was not ideal but it was the best that could be done in light of current events.

“It’s a big deal and though it’s not going to be on the field with your family, it’s something that is easily accessible and shareable for many families,” said Senator Christian Ortiz. 

Belman said that LMC’s hope is that the virtual graduation will provide an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of the graduates in a way that they can preserve and share with those who are close to them. 

All graduates have been invited to personalize their recognition slides by submitting a photo and are also invited to submit quotes or speech videos that may be included in the Virtual Graduation. 

The forms to submit these materials are also located at and are due by April 24.