Candidate runs unopposed

Perry Continente,

Jocelyn Villalobos stands unopposed in the race for student trustee after her only opponent, Ruben Rocha, failed to attend a necessary meeting resulting in his ejection from the election. As of press time, Rocha has not been reached for comment.

LMCAS adviser John Nguyen was extremely complimentary of both Rocha and Villalobos saying both would be great student trustees and expressed his disappointment in the fact that Villalobos is running unopposed, saying he wished the election was competitive.

Villalobos weighed in on Rocha’s departure and her status as an unopposed candidate. “I’m really sad that I’m unopposed,” said Villalobos. “This is a serious position and the way it is right now anyone could get it.”

Villalobos did, however, look forward to her tenure as student trustee, talking about the changes she wants to bring to the district.

“I want to show my passion for the school,” she said, continuing on to say that she hopes to spread passion to every school in the district as a student trustee.

She was adamant about her intention to support not just LMC but the other colleges in the district as well, explaining that she intends to visit their academic senate meetings periodically to better understand the unique culture of, and issues facing, each campus.

She also emphasized her history with community service and commitment to the college saying, “I stand before you not as a candidate, but as a student who is continuing to fight for great improvements and change at our community colleges.” She mentioned her over 500 hours of community service.

Villalobos outlined her intentions to “fight for student rights, eliminate or lower textbook costs, provide educational assistance programs, create and establish safe spaces, improve campus safety, establish health centers, and advancing equity and inclusion of our diverse student population.”

LMCAS treasurer Marco Mendez was complimentary of Villalobos and hopeful for her tenure as student trustee.

“I’ve seen her passion to the school for myself,” said Mendez citing several recent events Villalobos was instrumental in, including the recent walk against sexual violence event where Villalobos took the lead playing a major role in organizing the event and arranging the speaker.

Villalobos’ tenure in the position will last a year before the position will rotate to another student from CCC.