Candidate runs unopposed

Perry Continente, twitter.com/perrycontinente

May 9, 2018

Jocelyn Villalobos stands unopposed in the race for student trustee after her only opponent, Ruben Rocha, failed to attend a necessary meeting resulting in his ejection from the election. As of press time, Rocha has not been reached for comment. LMCAS adviser John Nguyen was extremely complimentary...

Election wrapped up

Robert Pierce, twitter.com/RobertP_EXP

May 9, 2018

The winners for the Los Medanos College Associated Students cabinet elections have been announced. Senator Priscilla Tatmon will be President, Senator Marayah Guinto will be Vice President, Senator Earl Russell Almazan will be Treasurer, Senator Sierra Abel will be Commissioner of Campus Events and Senator...

Enholm talks plans for term

Adria Watson, awatson@lmcexperience.com

November 29, 2016

Ward 5 voters have spoken and re-elected incumbent Greg Enholm to his trustee seat on the Contra Costa Community College District Governing Board. As of Nov. 23, with a 100 percent precinct reporting, 60.55 percent of Ward 5 voters selected Enholm who had been challenged by Fernando Sandoval. Although...

Impact of presidential pick questioned

Perry Continente

November 17, 2016

Donald Trump’s new status as president-elect has sparked elation and outrage in seemingly equal measure. Perhaps the only common factor in people’s reaction to Trump’s surprising and controversial victory has been the intensity of the reaction to it. It is perhaps indicative of today’s increasingly...

Death penalty back on ballot

Beatriz Hernandez, bhernandez@lmcexperience.com

November 3, 2016

A hot topic often discussed in class, the death penalty is back on the ballot with two propositions. The first initiative, Prop 62, focuses on repealing the death penalty, while a yes vote on Prop 66 looks to change death penalty procedures to speed up the appeals process. This is not the first time...

LMC students voice political opinions

Cassie Dickman, cdickman@lmcexperience.com

November 3, 2016

Based on a political survey about the election conducted by the Los Medanos College Experience over the past few weeks, the verdict is clear — students aren’t happy with their choices. This attitude coincides with the overall theme of how most millennials have been reported to view this election nat...

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