LMC art show inspired by students


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Los Medanos College Art Gallery student art show opening. Feb. 2,2017 Martha Magosmbol who is currently attending Cal State Northridge won the awrard for best digital art. Martha was unable to attend the ceremony, her brother Martin accepted the awrard on her behalf while Martha wathed on via Facetime.

Cathie Lawrence
Esteban Garcia receives a congratulatory hug from Guild President Angela Simms.

The Los Medanos College Art Gallery is stuffed with diverse art, from the colorful to the monochrome, from student contributors to the Feb. 2 art show. Gallery Director Judi Pettite, who’s in charge of each of the six art shows that happen each year, expressed her thoughts on this year’s recent reception.

“I think the shows get stronger every year,” said Pettite. “We get many entries from about 170-200, there’s eight categories and gets more competitive each time we do it, the art gets better, the art guild of the delta gives cash prices ranging from $300-$400. One student ended up winning 2 awards so they won about $750.”

She explained students gain a real work experience. “When they enter a show they have to do it the same way you would as a professional artist so they also send it in electronically,” she said. “Students also see what it’s like having people look at your work.”

When it comes to her role in the show Pettite says, “I get the student work, put it into a PowerPoint, send the PowerPoint to the Juror, we as a gallery send out acceptance and rejection letters.”

For those interested in being apart of the next art show Pettite says, “We accept work on a calendar year basis so anytime from now until school ends is that window of time when we can take work so we don’t take work from five years ago it has to be the current year. Those who want to send in their work can email me sending their work as a .JPEG file. As long as they make it in by the deadline their work will be considered for the show. Most importantly you must be a student in the art department taking at least one art class then you can enter in any category.”

Jacqueline Nares, an artist who painted pieces for the art show “Still” and “Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ Study” said, “I remember coming to this art show last year. There was something about it that was just really welcoming and being able to see the perspective of art through different mediums and seeing what everyone else does with their work is really exciting for me.”

When it comes to why there should be a show Nares says, “I think it’s great to showcase the student’s work. What inspires me to do art is that you can find art in almost any medium. Everyone and anyone can draw so I feel like if you put your hard work into it you can be an artist.”

Ashlyn Bell, another artist who was a part of the art show painting the piece “Self portrait” and the digital art piece “Jungle Man” participated in the show for the exposure.

“I was just happy to make it into the show this year,” says Bell. “Art is really important, art is a very political thing and an expression of the mind. It’s more than just a picture of a drawing.”

When it came to giving advice for those who want do art Bell says, “Don’t be afraid to do what you want to do. Do what you feel is right, you can be persuaded very easily which sometimes is a direction you may not be happy with. Be who you know you should be instead of what other people tell you to be because it’s not going to end up pretty if you do what other people tell you to do.”

Professor Eric Sanchez, current LMC interim student equity plan coordinator and former instructional assistant in Art, Journalism and Drama, became involved in this year’s show by supporting some former students in his Art 5 class who participated in the art show.

“The reception had about fifty people,” says Sanchez. “It’s great to display the works of the students that are here. I think the larger focus of it is to have an area where students can examine art from a larger community. It’s important to support artists in your local area. Seeing the support from student’s family was one of my favorite parts. People are proud of artist but not as much in our American society. What’s great is the Delta Art Gallery wants to buy some of our work.”

Sanchez’s personal favorite picks of art were Esteban Garcia’s “Contemplation” and Garcia’s “Rebirth of Color” both watercolor paintings. “It felt direct and simple,” says Sanchez, “It was a portrait but it what was having an organic background. The head dissolves in a water-like background and I thought that was really cool, aesthetically looking at that I really apprecitated the artwork. I think this was a very strong show which had a lot of variety.”

Those interested in seeing the art can drop by the Los Medanos College Art Gallery open from 12:30-2:30 p.m. and 4-6 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday until it ends on Feb. 28.


Juror Awards:

Name: Pedro Sanchez – Art Piece: “Wolf” – Category: Graphic Design

Name: Taylor Sears – Art Piece: “The Red Panda” – Category: Sculpture/Ceramics

Name: Jordan Kim – Art Piece: “Magnified Clover” – Category: Painting

Name: Stephanie Gomez – Art Piece: “Purification” – Category: Drawing

Name: Armida Salazar – Art Piece: “New Beginnings” – Category: Watercolor

Name: Armida Salazar – Art Piece: “Yaquesita” – Category: Printmaking

Name: Monica Zelaya – Art Piece: “Untitled” – Category: Photography

Name: Esteban Garcia – Art Piece: “Rebirth of Imagination” – Category: Digital Art


Art Guild of the Delta Awards:

Name: Martha Magsombol – Art Title: “Blues” – Category: Digital Animation

Name: Esteban Garcia – Art Title: “Untitled/Old Man” – Category: Drawing

Name: Esteban Garcia – Art Title: “Untitled/Inkjet Print” – Category: Photography

Name: Daja Miller – Art Title: “Daisy” – Category: 3D Art/Ceramics