Assault on campus

A Los Medanos College student reported she was the victim of a sexual assault on campus shortly after 9 p.m. on Thursday, March 3.

According to an email sent to LMC employees from Lt. Ryan Huddleston of Police Services, officers on campus received a report of a sexual battery on a female LMC student having occurred in the women’s restroom on the north side of second floor of the College Complex at approximately 9:05 p.m.

Following an area search of the campus, with assistance from the Pittsburg Police Department, it was determined there was no remaining threat to the campus. While no suspect was taken into custody, the investigation is still considered ongoing and active.

“We know it’s a safe campus,” said President Bob Kratochvil. “This certainly is an anomaly, but it’s an unfortunate situation. Were very concerned about the victim, and certainly our thoughts are with her.”

He added that while “sketchy,” a report had been given to the police by the victim, it did included a description of the suspect.

In the email sent to employees by Huddleston, the assailant was described as a “white male adult in his mid 30s, blue eyes and an average build.” The suspect was also described as having been wearing a “black hooded sweatshirt, with a black bandana covering his mouth and nose, and wearing black gloves.”

Although there is no immediate threat to students or faculty in the aftermath of the assault, Kratochvil was adamant “security and safety” is his number one concern on campus.

“We have a good presence from our police staff,” said Kratochvil. “We do have a well-lit campus. To have it inside the college complex is very disturbing.”

The college president, along with members of LMC faculty, will be meeting later this afternoon to go over ways to make sure students, faculty and staff are aware of their surroundings, and what to do in situations like this.

“I believe it’s an anomaly,” said Kratochvil, “but it’s something we’re going to take very serious to try to make sure that we mitigate any future instances like this.”

Anyone with additional information that may be helpful in aiding the ongoing investigation is encouraged to contact Police Services at 439-1505.