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Pedestrian Bridge is now up in Antioch

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Construction workers ready the new platform for delivery of the new pedestrian bridge for the Hillcrest BART station in Antioch.

By Cathie Lawrence


The construction of the Antioch BART extension passed a milestone July 10 when a pedestrian bridge was lifted by crane into position over the westbound lanes of Highway 4.

In an interview prior to the move, BART President Joel Keller said the bridge would allow people to “enter the BART station through the fare gate and walk across the freeway on a elevated structure.”

They will walk downstairs to the median station to access the trains and begin their journey in the BART system wherever their journey takes them,” he said.

There were delays on the day of the move due to inclement weather. “They want to have better weather conditions before they risk moving that huge structure through the air,” said Keller. “But you know how thinking about the weather sometimes doesn’t get you where you need to be. We only want to move that structure only if its safe.”

After a number of changes in the time schedule to move the pedestrian bridge, it was finally in place around 4 p.m.

Keller said the station is expected to be in service by May 2018.

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Pedestrian Bridge is now up in Antioch