Sign up now for Academic Competition

Larena Hernandez

Are you a student who enjoys showing off their smarts? How about winning some cash to do so? If so, the Annual LMC Academics Competition is the time to do it.

Sponsored by LMCAS, the LMC Foundation, and Student Life, the competition will be held Saturday, April 13 from 8 a.m. to approximately 3 p.m.

Participants will receive complimentary breakfast and lunch along with a ten-dollar gift certificate to the bookstore.

The Student Life office will be accepting applications until April 4. Students must group a team of four together along with selecting their name and team leader.

“We need 20 teams, space is limited but we’re still accepting applications.” Said Ashley Adams, Student Life Coordinator.

Students will have four testing rounds in math, English, science, and social science. The teams may designate a member for any of the areas. The top five winners will receive cash prizes from $400 to $3,000 to divide amongst their team members.

How might students prepare for the mental challenge?

Umoja club member Jasmine Evans, 20, said, “ We’ll have a huge study group to review all of our old classes. I’ll be the English representative for my team.”

Evans is excited because she has never done anything like this competition. The English major was referred to the competition by Umoja Secretary Jamila Stewart. Stewart has encouraged many other students to participate in the competition as well.

While Evans is still in search of two more team members before the April 4 deadline, some students are all ready to compete.

Honors student and Engineering major Chris Orcutt, 20, took first place last year and is confident that his team will do the same this year.

They are ready to go after replacing one team member. “We’re not studying at all. The competition is like an SAT based on LMC classes,” said Orcutt.

To register for the competition you need to be an LMC student. If interested, stop by the LMC Student Life office, Room GA1, to pick up a regerstration form or call 439-2181 ext. 3266.