Employment Center gives opportunity


Student Employment Center Coordinator Reginald Turner.

Jenna Dragonetti

Los Medanos College provides employment services to students and to the community, creating opportunities to earn money while attending school.

A variety of resources are available at the Employment Services Center, and students will find they can even apply for current positions online.

Reginald Turner, the coordinator of the Work Study and Employment Services programs, said they currently serve 198 student employees and work with about 350 employers including LMC. The height of hiring is August and January at the start of the semester.

“We need to find ways to get this information out to new freshman,” he said.

Unfortunately, there are not as many positions available as there used to be due to the tough economy and cuts to the college budget.

LMC provides multiple ways to check for open positions. About two to three months ago Turner and LMC integrated the use of Twitter as a communication tool. Anyone is now able to follow the school feed (@LMCJobs) and whenever there is a new position available Turner sends out a message so students can refer to the website for further details.

In addition to connecting with students electronically through internet resources and social networking, the Employment Center staff responds to students in the office, recruit and processes student workers, and helps with resume review. The staff also updates and posts new job listings, screens applications and provides job leads. The center offers information about the Federal Work Study Program, College Central Network and the annual spring job fair.

Some students report finding available jobs has proven easier when looking online. Carl Balanag, a student employee at the LMC library, said “the process [was] smooth,” when he submitted his resume. He said he completed the whole process online with the help of Turner.

To get started students must first register online at the “Career College Network” available 24/7. You can access this through the LMC website or by simply typing www.studentcentral.com into any browser. From there click your tab and then select “Register Now” and remember you need to know your student ID number.

After completing your login in information you can upload your resume to the site and begin your search. If you need help, Turner is available Monday through Thursday 9 a.m.-2 p.m. in the Employment Center.

The location of the center has moved, and is now in Room 29 in the PS building on the northwest side of the campus near the lake. For information, check out the LMC website at losmedanos.edu or the College Central Network at collegecentral.com/losmedanos/.