Top 5 – Comedy podcasts


Whether someone is in the need of a laugh after finals or an enjoyable commute to work, comedy podcasts are a reliable source of entertainment. Stand-up comedy has been put on hold during the pandemic, so many comics and fans have turned to podcasting as a medium for the art.

Joe Rogan Experience, Spotify

“The Joe Rogan Experience” has gained popularity in recent years. It features stand-up comedian and MMA commentator Joe Rogan as its host. This podcast has a wide range of guests from Elon Musk to Kanye West. The episodes featuring comedians are ludicrous. For example, Joey Diaz is one of Rogan’s closest friends and tells absurd stories about his upbringing in New Jersey and run-ins with the law. “The Joe Rogan Experience” is now only available on Spotify with both audio and visual aspects.

Monday Morning Podcast, Spotify / YouTube

Bill Burr, an elite comedian, hosts the “Monday Morning Podcast” from his home in Los Angeles. Burr possesses the Bostonian style of comedy that includes rants and roasts of his daily life. He transforms a trip to the grocery store into a self-reflective, comedic adventure. His takes on life are not unique but his ability to communicate his short-tempered mentality makes it worth the listen. This podcast has no guests with the exception of occasional commentary from Nia Renee Hill, his wife. The hour-and-a-half long podcasts are also limited to audio as Burr refuses to be on camera.

This Past Weekend, Spotify / YouTube

Theo Von hosts “This Past Weekend” in both his Nashville and Los Angeles studios. His guests are completely random, which is in line with his personality. He recently had a mortician and a female truck driver on, but usually schedules lesser-known comedians. Von faced a struggle with addiction like many other comedians but overcame it and uses his podcast as a platform to help others who are in a comparable situation. Although he may seem dimwitted, it is entirely his sense of humor and is a genius when it comes to storytelling and conversing.

Tiger Belly, Spotify / YouTube

“Tiger Belly” is hosted by actor and comic Bobby Lee alongside his girlfriend Khalyla Kuhn. While on stage Lee can be seen stripping to his birthday suit for laughs, he is completely garbed for the extent of the podcast. His wild obnoxious comedy is as funny as it is uncomfortable, but Kuhn is the opposite — this makes the pair work well together. They have different segments such as “Unhelpful Advice,” in which they try to help viewers who send in letters asking for advice. Originally, they had a new studio to host the podcast, but more recently they have been hosting from their pandemic-style garage studio. 

Your Mom’s House, Spotify / YouTube

“Your Mom’s House” is a podcast featuring comedians Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura. The duo is married with children, but their conversations do not consist of typical parental topics. Segura has a grotesque sense of humor and, instead of countering it, Pazsitzky fuels his fire. They comment on viral videos, talk about their relationship and any absurd topic that comes out of their minds. “Your Mom’s House” studios has many different podcasts with different hosts for a variety of audiences. Viewers can watch on their own website, or on YouTube or Spotify, or through their own website at