‘Snitch’ (Movie Review)

Movie Summary: John Matthews, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, goes undercover in the narcotics business to minimize his son’s prison sentence,. Also starring Rafi Gayron, Barry Pepper, Jon Bernthal, and Michael Kenneth Williams. Runtime: 1 Hr 52 Mins. Genre: Drama, Action & Adventure, Mystery & Suspense. Rated PG-13. Directed by Ric Roman Waugh. Written by Justin Haythe and Ric Roman Waugh.


Brendan says:
urprisingly enjoyable (3 Stars)

‘Snitch’ is a drama centered around Jason Collins(Rafi Gavron), who has made the mistake of dabbling with drugs and the quest his father, John Matthews (Dwayne Johnson) goes through in order to reduce his son’s prison sentence.

All things considered, this was an entertaining film from start to finish. It kept me as a viewer very intertwined in the story and actually gave me someone to root for. While the story is not overly complex, it certainly does keep you enthralled throughout.

While I usually like Dwayne Johnson, he was not really suited for this specific role. His larger than life presence is almost more distracting than necessary.

I initially went in with relatively lower standards, and was pleasantly surprised by the end of it. There was suspense through the whole movie that constantly kept my eyes on screen awaiting what the next move was going to be.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to scratch their crime drama movie itch.



Dakotah says:
will keep you on edge (4 Stars)

Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a “The Rock”, was excellent in his role in the movie ‘Snitch.’

‘Snitch’ starts off with John Matthews’s son, Jason Collins getting setup with possession and conspiracy to sell narcotics. Jason is sentenced to at least 10 years in jail and the only way to have his sentence reduced is to either set someone up or to snitch on a drug dealer. Jason refuses to do either, so Matthew comes up with the idea that if he were to do the snitching he could get a better deal for his son from the federal prosecutor.

Usually a movie should have a little comic relief but the lack of comic relief worked perfectly. It showed the seriousness of the situation and how Matthews dealt with issues.

There are many plot twists that keep the viewer guessing and on edge. With every scene there is something going on that will keep the viewer entertained throughout.

I would highly recommend this movie, especially to fans of action and suspense.