LMC brings drama to festival

Student actors take part in KCACTF


Courtesy of Marina Ketchum

Left to right, Miranda Ketchum, David Morris and Tyler White act during the KCACTF Feb 18.

Thirty-two students from the LMC Drama Department were recently nominated from a selection of plays for the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF) held at Central Washington University Feb. 17 to 21.

Hailing from different regions, colleges come together to perform their nominated pieces, previously selected from an adjudicator and compete in what is called Irene Ryan.

An Irene Ryan is a series of competitive rounds where actors present their nominated monologues, and if chosen move on to the next round, until a winner is announced.

During their time at the KCACTF students may attend workshops, which is an opportunity for actors to learn new skills and hone their craft. Such workshops include stage combat, auditioning monologues, dance workshops and more.

A highly anticipated event “Next Step,” is a scholarship program where actors sign up, learn and perform in front of a panel made up of members from different schools and acting programs. If these participants’ monologues or portfolios are well liked they are then given scholarships or opportunities to
join these schools and theater companies.

Design and technology are also eligible to enter, but their performance is based on a portfolio of past work and an interview.

Nominees selected from the fall 2014 schedule include Marina Ketchum and her partner Jarrelle Tramble for their work in Man of the Flesh. Tim Morris and
Du’Praiseja Smith of Rent. Ashley Curry was nominated for her work on props for the play Snare and Will Lutz for his tech work in the same play.

Spring 2014 nominees include Kristina Cruz and Cesar Reyes from Esperanza Rising, as well as Federico Bartolo and Katey Hilton for Snare.