Skyfall (Review Crew)


‘Skyfall’ Movie Summary: 

Daniel Craig stars as agent 007 James Bond whose mission is to protect fellow british agents from being electronically exposed.


Eric says: Skyfall is ok not best
3/5 stars 

Sky Fall is the 23rd James Bond thriller and as always Bond movies are full of action from the opening scene. Bond is not the spy that we are used to; older and out of work for some time he gets back into action but loses a step as he not the sharp shooter we are used to, appearing washed up.

Bond’s enemy is an old m6 agent with the operation agency for British intelligence. Former agent 006 who James Bond replaced has taken revenge against M, the head of M16, who is always sending agents out to duty.

The run of the movie was 143 minutes; it was filmed in several countries including London, Japan, Turkey and more.

The special effects were awesome when the old agent of M16 006 took the mouthpiece out of his mouth, and revealed the terrible look on his face when he talked to M for the first time in years. It’s a must see scene.

You must also watch the details as they run in the subway as Bond not only dodges bullets and explosions but he also dodges a train.

The November film’s production cost was estimated at $200 million, and as of this week has grossed $90,564,714 in the U.S alone with millions more made from foreign showings.


Irvin says: Bond at his finest
5/5 stars 

At the end credits of every 007 film, you always read the tagline “James Bond will return.” He returns in Skyfall not by falling, but rising up to being one of the best 007 films in recent years. Four years since the last film, Daniel Craig returns once again as the sexy 007 agent James Bond in this stellar, dynamic sequel to 2008’s Quantum of Solace.

This film took my breath away. The uncalled-for twists couldn’t be more surprising; neither could the action scenes be more engaging, nor how much woo-ing the locales in the movie are. Bond is a fantasy, but it’s a fantasy that’s down-to-earth and classy, and doesn’t go that over-the-top with odd gadgets like previous Bond films. Craig’s performance as Bond really shines, never failing at the classy gentlemen department. What he never fails at either is that sexy lone wolf demeanor.

Returning once again as Bond’s witty, sharp-tongue boss, codenamed “M,” Judi Dench plays her awesome character in earnest knowing the fate of her acting persona. The mentally deviant villain Raoul Silva, played by Javier Bardem, is brutally violent compared to previous Bond evildoers but Bardem plays the role so convincingly well – especially in some of the more special effects intensive scenes, you start to feel chills down your spine as you look at his pervasive, unstable demeanor throughout the film.

At a runtime of 143 minutes, the movie has something for everyone; Skyfall raises above all the other fall feature-length films of this year.