‘Boom’ plays off of cuts to education

‘Boom’ plays off of cuts to education

Eric Martin

“Here Comes the Boom” is a great movie for all education lovers.

The fictional comedy opened last Friday Oct. 12 with actor Kevin James playing a biology teacher Scott Voss who finds out his school is cutting programs because of budget concerns.

In an effort to prevent loss of the music program, Voss tries to raise money by becoming a UFC fighter after watching a fight and realizing that the loser in the fight still get paid well.

The comedy has lots of laughs throughout, but not as many as James usually presents.

James is playing a new character, the acting is solid but he doesn’t really stretch himself. He is familiar on screen — not that it is a bad thing, but there are no surprises. He just plays the same sort of persona you expect.

The message about keeping education programs running in our school’s is more important, and the film highlights the lengths a teacher might go to keep things steady despite budget cuts.

Voss starts to train for fights to raise money, working his way up to UFC fights.

The fight scenes look somewhat realistic, but not completely, and it makes you question the validity of both movie fights, and the real UFC fights. Both are similar so one might think the movie fights are real, though are not, and UFC fights could be staged while we think it is real.

As a student and a parent it had me close to tears. The issue hits close to home.

Seeing reality on the big screen is cool, what is going on currently with budget cuts and loss of programs is seen in the movie. Maybe the movie will inspire others to go the length of trying to do something about the loss of funds.

It is realistic in that the fight scenes look like UFC fights, but not completely, it makes you question the validity of the movie fights but also real UFC fights.

People who are directly involved with schools can appreciate it even more and young musicians who have experienced the loss of music programs would also enjoy.

I recommend this movie to all students and parents with school aged children, as well as those interested in education.