Taken 2 Reviews

Taken 2 Reviews

Movie Summary: “Taken 2,” the sequel to “Taken,” opened in American theaters Oct. 5, starring Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills alongside Maggie Grace playing his daughter, Kim. The 91-minute PG-13 rated film was directed by Oliver Megaton, and picks up where the last film left off.

Charels Powell:
Solid film

The first Taken should be seen first to get this film’s full-effect.
Taken 2 gave insight into what causes a blood feud and how utterly pointless they are. One line from this theme struck me, “I don’t care what he did,” the way it was delivered by Rade Serbedzija as Murad — revealed how vendettas are born.
The movie was not about its star— instead the cast gave a solid performance. Director Oliver Megaton made wonderful use of Istanbul’s architecture turning the city into another character.
The script itself was convincing, but some lines meant to build drama came off as redundant. The music, however, worked wonders on me.
The film’s pacing made use of slower scenes to set the stage for swooping action —making it worth the price of an evening ticket.

Vanessa Flores:
It’s okay

“Taken 2” overall was alright, the movie was just too predictable.
In “Taken”, Liam Neeson’s character Bryan Mills, an ex American CIA, saved his daughter (Kim) after being abducted from Albanian slave traffickers in Paris.
In the sequel, the Albanians seek revenge on Mills. This time it’s not his daughter who gets kidnapped but he, along with his ex-wife find themselves chained up in a basement to be tortured.
The movie seemed rushed with situations that were just ridiculous. At one point, Mills instructs his daughter Kim to toss grenades around the town in order to find where he and his wife are located at. I think you see the problem. “Taken 2” was just not as good as the 2009 thriller “Taken.” Although there were a couple of good scenes.

Aishling Doherty:

I’m not a huge action movie fan but Taken 2 is one of the best action packed movies I’ve seen this year.
When Taken 2 begins it follows up from the squeal movie Taken that came out in 2008. The main characters in the movie Bryan Mills played by Liam Neeson who is very over protected of his daughter Kim Mills played by Maggie Grace. Kim’s mom Lenore played by Framke Janssen.
While Bryan is away on business Lenore and Kim surprise him in Istanbul. What’s supposed to be a nice family vacation turns into an ordeal. Murad Hoxha played by Rade Šerbedžija is seeking justice for the death of his son Marko who Bryan killed in the previous film Taken. Hoxha kidnaps Bryan and Lenore and holds them captive as Kim tries to save her parents.