‘Strange World’ a cavernous mystery

Enter a place created to get you enthralled

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

“Strange World” is a highly unique and eerie film that follows the son of a famous explorer as he tries to protect his discovery, while being on an expedition to the other side of an unconquerable mountain outside their city.

The plot for the movie was understandable to follow and it made the film more intense than intended. It gave the main characters more emotions and actions throughout the movie to show the hardship they faced during the adventure. 

The main characters in the movie showed their grit to get their objective completed. Searcher Cade, portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal, is the one who is the leader of the explorers looking to try and protect his discovery, an electrical plant that can power a whole city by itself. He is on the expedition with his son Ethan Cade, portrayed by Jaboukie Young-White, his wife Meridian Cade, portrayed by Gabrielle Union, and Callisto Mal, portrayed by Lucy Liu. They all went on to attempt to protect the plant to keep their city working. 

Searcher Cade had to endure his son trying to be his man while also being the decision maker for the entire trip into a mysterious cave. His father was lost and thought to be dead after he went into that same cave they are entering. The cave led into a whole new world that contained animals that would attempt to kill them all or aid them in their expedition.

The film showed the combination of action, adventure, and comedy in a way that made fans enjoy everything that occurred within the movie. They viewed the movie as an enjoyable, fun, and quirky experience that assisted the movie more than hurt. 

It was an animated movie that displayed the goofiness that the new world would entail for the adventurers. The film featured many different aspects that a great action movie would have: the dangers of death, a plot twist at the end to change the ending, and a happy ending for the heroes.

The movie as a whole was interesting to watch when you view it as an enjoyable family-intended feature in theaters. It’s meant as a movie for kids to enjoy, but it has scenes that relate heavily for young adults heading into adulthood. It’s one of those movies that is created for everyone to appreciate no matter the age of the viewer. 

This is the kind of movie that anyone could watch because it’s something to enjoy while being with family and friends. It’s a movie that gives you the excitement of the character going on an adventure and learning about the true villain and beating it in an exciting way.