LMC takes a rough defeat

Mens’ Basketball team suffers worst loss of the season

Juan Cebreiros, Staff Writer

The Los Medanos Mustangs held a commanding 10-point lead at half against the San Jose City College Jaguars on Nov. 29, but a second-half collapse and a controversial no-call by the referees cost them the win as they lost 92-89. 

The Mustangs did not get off to a great start, falling into a 21-9 hole early in the game. However, after a timeout the team caught fire. Guards Devin Carson and Jason Zimmer each hit numerous three-pointers as the Mustangs not only got back into the game, but took the lead.                        

Mustang pressure on San Jose’s offense forced them to turn the ball over and take more contested shots. Later in the second half the Mustangs went on a run and continued to grow their lead while the Jaguars struggled to move the ball beyond the half court line. 

Going into halftime the Mustangs led 48-38 and were in complete control of the game. But in the second half the Jaguars stiffened up their defense and began to force LMC into taking more contested shots. The Mustangs weren’t getting the open looks they had been in the first half and were quiet on offense as San Jose mounted a comeback. 

With 10:30 to play in regulation San Jose managed to tie the game. Five minutes of gametime later and they took their first lead since the opening minutes of the first half. However, the LMC offense found spark again and the two teams traded scores back and forth until about a minute left to play. 

San Jose had the ball with both teams stuck at 89 and points looking to take the lead. Jaguars’ guard Daniel Malagon found open space and hit a three-pointer to give his team a three-point lead with 48 seconds to play. LMC’s offense got the ball back but could not capitalize and the pressure was put on their defense. Down three with little time remaining, the Mustangs defense forced a needed turnover, but once again failed to capitalize on offense.

Needing one more stop to have a chance to tie the game, the Mustangs increased the pressure of their full-court press. San Jose inbounded the ball to their guard along the sideline as his foot appeared to slip out of bounds, but the referees did not make the call and sealed the Mustangs’ fate. 

This loss drops LMC’s record to 4-3 on the season as they will be on the road for their next three games before returning home Dec. 21 to play Contra Costa College.