Honors Program hosts bake sale

Chai and homemade good provided at Student Union


Courtesy of Zarah Abatcha

Honors program selling baked goods to students and staff

Kai Arellano, Staff Writer

The Honors Program held a bake sale along with selling homemade chai on the first level of the Student Union on November 22. All of the pastries were homemade either by honors students or made by the staff. Even the chai was homemade and was dispensed by the honors students.

They had everything for four dollars and if you wanted a pastry with the chai you could have both for five dollars. You just had to choose a smaller baked good and if you wanted multiple you had to pay an extra dollar for each pastry.

The atmosphere was great for the students to sell everything. There was holiday music playing and the honors students were happy to interact as well as chat with other students choosing which baked goods they were going to buy. 

“It’s going pretty good,” said honors student Aidan Lindell. He was happy that the students who bought everything were really nice and that everything was selling really fast. “The cinnamon rolls are selling fast especially.”

“We planned to make everything feel sweet for each customer,” said another honors student Jose Maldonado. He explained how he wanted everyone to leave with a smile on their face when they bought something from the sale. 

When asking which was their favorite out of all of the baked goods, they were more than happy to let everyone know.

“My cookies are the best,” said Drew Booth. She had a big batch of cookies she had baked which were selling fast. 

“The cinnamon rolls are my favorite,” said Lindell. Maldonado also chimed in and exclaimed that he loved the cinnamon rolls as well.

Everyone was excited about the chai that was being dispensed right next to the food. It was one of their top-selling products at their sale. 

“It’s so good, it’s so good,” said Booth. Maldonado joined in and described the chai as not being too sweet and not too bitter either. “It’s just perfect,” said Maldonado.

The sale went off without a hitch and everyone had a good time while they were working the sale. The honors program doesn’t know if they’ll do another one but are more than happy to set something up again for the school.

“We just want to show our appreciation to you guys,” said Maldonado.