Beware: Mommy cherishes you

Visualizers in “Evil Dead Rise” allow film to shine



Kassie looks through a peephole attempting to see who is watching her on the other side.

Ray Kopf, Staff Writer

“Evil Dead Rise” was released on April 21 and it marks the most recent installment in the Evil Dead franchise. Unlike the previous films, Ash Williams is not the protagonist of this film. Instead, the film focuses on a struggling family facing impending eviction from their Los Angeles apartment due to the building being condemned. 

Viewers are first introduced to Ellie’s family, played by Alyssa Sunderland, and her three children who are living in a defunct building set to be demolished. Her sister Beth, played by Lilly Sullivan, stops by looking for a place to stay the night. As the two siblings catch up, Ellie sends her three children to go pick up a pizza.

Upon their return, an earthquake rocks the Los Angeles area and a hole is opened up in the concrete of the parking garage. The oldest, Danny, investigates inside the hole and finds a vault, which contains a book that many recognize. Once they return to the apartment, Danny investigates the book and various things he grabbed as well. 

It isn’t too long after until the horrors of hell are unleashed and the family must survive. As for a horror movie, “Evil Dead Rise” seems to be a fairly predictable film. But what makes this film shine are the visual effects as well as the makeup. 

The sheer amount of gore in this film is incredible and is sure to make even the most experienced horror film watcher squirm. The film doesn’t hide the gore either. It is a component of the movie from the very beginning. 

Aside from the effects and gore, the actors and actresses alike do a good job in their roles. Sullivan does a great job as Beth and Sunderland does a great job portraying Ellie throughout the entire film. Overall the acting was good and it helped advance the movie fairly well. 

But the film didn’t really feel like an Evil Dead film. It had the elements of the franchise that we’ve come to love, but the film felt much more like a standalone movie. The Evil Dead tag might add to the film, but nonetheless, this is a pretty good horror movie.

Overall, I would recommend this to horror fans and moviegoers. The film earns its R rating with its intense amount of gore as it may be too much for some. So be advised, this movie is fairly graphic.