‘Cocaine Bear’ shadows 1985 story

Comedic horror movie excels in performance

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

“Cocaine Bear” is a thrilling horror film that takes the plot from what happened in Sept. 1985 when a man named Andrew Thorton dropped over 850 pounds of cocaine from an airplane looking to make a huge payday. It was reported 3 months later that a 175-pound bear was pronounced dead after an overdose of cocaine. The park rangers found about 40 opened containers of cocaine near the body of the dead bear.

This movie showcased a black bear, with cocaine in his system, on a killing rampage targeting any person he had in sight. The bear would go for the cocaine instead of the people which made it more interesting. The bear was hooked on the drugs, and it allowed him to be more dangerous than normal black bears. 

The deaths in the movie were simple bear kills, but they made it more realistic to comprehend the plot. The most interesting kill was when the bear was climbing a tree, looking to kill Henry when the bear smelled cocaine on Peter who was on the tree about 20 feet to the right of where Henry was. The bear then jumped down, climbed up to Peter and devoured him. It showed that the bear focuses on cocaine rather than killing people.

The movie had some questionable acting from certain actors, but there were some other actors that did their job well. There was a group of teenagers that had no business in being at the park other than dying either by the bear or the drug dealers that went looking for the cocaine that dropped from the airplane. 

There weren’t any stand-out actors for this movie as it was simply acted scenes, but the actions of the bear made up for them. It had those comedic moments, but it wasn’t overwhelming to ruin the movie. The plot was simple to understand and it didn’t feel intolerable.

Everything about this movie was shown to be a comedic horror film that wouldn’t be expected to make over $17 million on opening weekend. Turns out, the movie surpassed expectations and garnered an outstanding $23.1 million on opening weekend. 

It was overall an enjoyable movie that followed the story closely. The producers were interested to see a killer bear on cocaine on the big screen and their decision didn’t disappoint. I would recommend for anyone who isn’t sensitive to blood to watch this movie. It’s a horror film that’ll make you laugh, scream and cry throughout the film.