‘Black Adam’ is an electric ride

Long-awaited release is worth seeing.



The movie introduces some new faces to the DC Extended Universe.

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

“Black Adam” starring Dwayne Johnson went above and beyond with the long-awaited release for this movie. The movie got pushed back multiple times due to script, production, director, and casting problems. These problems forced the movie to take over 13 years to release, according to Dwayne Johnson.

The plot for this movie flowed well throughout as Teth-Adam looked more powerful than any other DCEU character. It portrayed Teth-Adam as a historic figure who gets imprisoned due to his creators’ beliefs that he wasn’t worthy of his powers anymore.

The movie’s pace was done very well as none of the scenes felt rushed or forced. All the scenes felt integral to tell the entire story for this character. 

The actors played their characters amazingly well, as Pierce Brosnan played Dr. Fate how the character was meant to be played. Dr. Fate is known to have high intelligence and his helmet was shown to harness tremendous powers. Aldis Hodge played a fierce and brave Hawkman who showed pure hatred for Teth-Adam throughout the film. It was an enjoyable film from beginning to end that brought out the tribulations that Teth-Adam went through and how his past led to his actions in the present. Other noteworthy acting in the movie were the performances from Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone, and Marwan Kenzari as Sabbac.

The cinematography for the movie was shown through the relationship between Teth-Adam and Hawkman. They were constantly at each other’s teeth fighting multiple times, even through their teamwork against Sabbac. The emotions they had towards one another flowed through to their cast members’ portrayal of their characters. It was fun to watch the back and forth between them , persuading each other that their way is the right way. 

Dr. Fate also had a vision of the future that he tried to counteract to save his friend. Brosnan played Dr. Fate as good as anyone else could. He let Fate decide what the future could be and leaned more to one direction than the other. He saw every future and chose the one that would end the villain while also saving his friend.

The movie did have incredible action within the movie that brought out how powerful each character within the film is. It showed the strengths that every superhero had within them and brought them out in the most opportune time. The hand-to-hand combat for the fights between Hawkman and Teth-Adam looked great and portrayed the intensity both characters had.

“Black Adam” also had the connection to “Shazam” as to bring on his powers, he would have to say Shazam in order to become the superhero/anti-hero. It’ll be interesting to see how Teth-Adam and Billy Batson, or Shazam, interact after figuring this out, if DC decides to do a movie containing these two characters together. 

This movie showed the hardship, tough decisions that had to be made, and also had a big plot twist that helped this movie gain over $65 million in the first weekend. The movie showed it earned this first weekend hit. 

I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about watching this movie to see the film because it’s an enjoyable, action-packed film that does have its comedy to keep the tension low between the characters.