LMC staff creativity to be on display

Art show makes it return to campus.


Mohammad Najimi

The gallery is a work in progress as it gets prepped for the upcoming show.

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

The Los Medanos Faculty Gallery Show will be making its in-person return after 2 years on Thursday, Sept. 15 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm at the Gallery within the Library.

There were a total of 36 pieces of art that have been allowed to be part of the show with many others unfortunately not making the cut due to limited wall space. According to the Gallery Director Mrs. Carol Ladewig several staff members had submitted 5 to 6 pieces, but only 3 of them were accepted.

“Around 5:15pm or later, there will be an artist talk where the staff will talk about their creation to the attendants and afterwards a guided discussion will happen where students can ask questions about the art,” said Mrs. Ladewig.

The show will contain an artist talk where the artist comes in front of the attendants and talks about why and how they made their art. Artists then spread their emotions and describe what the art meant to them and why having it in the show created that spread of happiness from them to the attendants.

Even with the show opening on Sept. 15, there still has to be attendants to view the art but unfortunately, it’s difficult for people from the Bay Area to attend the exhibit. Due to this, they have decided to make an online version of the show for people to gaze at the various pieces.

Mrs. Ladewig continues to work hard to accommodate everyone’s problems, but can’t make everyone happy because she has to open the Gallery soon.

To submit their art pieces for the show, faculty members would have to take pictures of their art and complete an air table online submission form in order for their art to be shown. At least 3 pictures would have to be submitted and if more art would be submitted, they might be rejected entirely.

“I submitted 4 pieces of art with 3 of them being correlated to spiders,” said Mrs. Lucy Stone, an art teacher at Los Medanos College.

Many other notable faculty members have submitted their arts such as Ken Alexander, John Schall, Ian Bassett, and more. It’s all about expressing their creativity to the students and showing that they can do things other than teach subjects to them.

“The submissions are mostly ceramics but it’s mixed. There are vases, paintings, etc. that were submitted,” said Mrs. Ladewig.

The art submitted by the staff isn’t just one type of art, so whether the attendant goes in to see only one type, they will be surprised to see the different arrays of sculptures as part of the show.

There are future shows that are being planned for the college in the near future. Mrs. Ladewig confirms that there will be at least 2 more shows appearing this semester. There will be a drawing show and a student show which will be similar to this faculty show but for the students.

Gallery Director Carol Ladewig hopes that students will come in to be surprised and have their imagination stirred while also enjoying what the staff created.