‘Moon Knight’ gives MCU intrigue

The newest addition to the cinematic universe is full of mystery.



Oscar Isaac in “Moon Knight” (2022).

Joseph Giddings, Staff Writer

With the highly anticipated arrival of the newest hero into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Comics’s character “Moon Knight” reintroduces intrigue and mystery into the franchise, paving the way for new and fresh takes on the on screen adaptation of Marvel’s fan favorite heroes. 

Throughout the television series, the story follows Marc Spector and Steven Grant as they serve as the crescent crusader Moon Knight. They enact the will of Khonshu, the Egyptian god of time and the moon, as he seeks vengeance for those who have been wronged through the superhuman abilities of his vengeful servant. By the end of the six-episode season, comic book fans and average viewers alike will find themselves rooting for the story’s unlikely pair, as they work together to solve their differences for the fate of the world.

Oscar Isaac’s portrayal as Marc Spector is fantastic as he seamlessly juggles between the brash yet collected personality of Marc Spector and his anxious and diffident personality counterpart, Steven Grant. Through both personalities, Isaac provides an entertaining viewing experience filled with heroism and self discovery as he handles the subjects of mental health and childhood trauma with care. 

While the performance of Isacc shines through as the show’s main protagonist, May El Calamawy and Ethan Hawke excel in their roles as the love interest and main antagonist of the series, pairing well together in their trio of good and evil. Any scene featuring one of these three characters is sure to be enjoyable and will leave you even more invested in the storyline as it progresses throughout the show. 

Due to the contrast between the character’s darker source material and the family friendly image of Marvel’s productions, the limitations to the violence and action within the show are heavily apparent, often opting out of the depiction of the show’s more violent and explicit scenes through the usage of jump cuts and off-screen deaths. Despite this however, Marvel manages to deliver a satisfying experience to the show’s seemingly limited portrayal of the character’s graphic background, providing you with just enough of the action associated with the antihero and the love that he holds in the hearts of fans. 

As the sixth installment in the Disney Plus’s line of Marvel television series, “Moon Knight” ups the ante for the quality of Marvel Studio’s streaming exclusive productions. The cinematography and visual effects are like something out of a summer blockbuster, making you feel as though you are viewing a six-hour long movie rather than a television show. Such improvements in quality set up high expectations for the future of Marvel-television, such as upcoming shows “Ms. Marvel,” “She-Hulk” and “Secret Invasion.” 

Fans of the MCU and all of its previous film productions should definitely check out the newest addition to Marvel’s line of on-screen heroes and uncover the mystery behind Oscar Isaac’s “Moon Knight.”

The six-episode season of “Moon Knight” can be viewed in all of its entirety on the Disney Plus streaming service.