Spooky events that will haunt your Halloween

Roya Mohammad, Staff Writer

As smiling revelers yelled “Happy New Year!” at midnight, many of them believed 2020 would be a great year. With Valentine’s Day on a Friday and Fourth of July and Halloween on a Saturday, there would be plenty of time for partying. Then a worldwide pandemic occurred, denting and delaying the year. Though COVID has changed what activities are available to the public, there are still safe and spooky events that can help make Halloween fun.

Trick-Your-Ride, Los Medanos College

On Oct. 29, Los Medanos is hosting a Trick-Your-Ride event to sponsor student scholarships. The event will start at 2 p.m. and take place at the LMC Parking Lot A. Along with the Trick-Your-Ride event, students can pick up groceries, mad scientist goodie bags, and get their free flu shots. Register your car here

Pirates of Emerson, Alameda County Fairgrounds

Through Nov. 1, the Pirates of Emerson Haunted Theme Park is set in various, exotic scenes. Even though you will be seated in your car, the rooms and environment are created to appear more than real where individuals can break free from the reality of the outside world when actors leap out and petrify them.  

Dead Time Dreams, San Jose 

Through Oct. 31, Dead Time Dreams Haunted Attractions is hosting an open air freight walk through a horror alley. This haunted house consists of Zombie Towns, the Dark Castle, Forest of Voodoo, Industrial Apocalypse, and the Graveyard. Throughout the alley, you will be face to face with monsters and creatures; however, you must wear a mask at all times and follow CDC guidelines. 

Haunted Haight Walking Tour, San Francisco 

Hosted by genuine paranormal investigators, the Haunted Haight Walking Tour is the only ghost tour in San Francisco through Nov. 28. Throughout the two hour tour, tour members will discover authentic paranormal adventure led by a licensed paranormal researcher. Although the Haunted Haight Walking Tour does not promise that an individual will encounter any ghosts on this tour, there have been instances where a ghost revealed themselves to tour members. 

Dell’Osso Family Farm’s, Lathrop

Unlike the other haunted attractions, Dell’Osso Family Farm’s is hosting attractions that are kid friendly which is perfect for families this spooky season throughout the month of October. Families will be allowed to attend the following attractions: Corn Maze, Haunted Castle, Dell’Osso Express Trail, Hay Ride, Animal Zoo, Kiddie Land, Scarecrow Ride, Mystery Tour, Spinning Pumpkins, Super Slide, Ball Shoot Arena, Kiddie Ferris Wheel, Pillow Jumping, Pedal Cars/Tire Pyramid.