The new normal – Day 48

May 3, 2020


Photo courtesy of Rudolf Rose

Charles Reed, Staff Writer

Editor’s note: “The new normal” is a continuing series that looks into how members of the Los Medanos College community are coping with a shelter-in-place order amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Los Medanos College’s spring semester is nearing its end, there are some still working both physically and mentally to adapt to the new normal. Though classes will end, the shelter-in-place order will stay in affect for at least the rest of May. 

Despite the continued uncertainty, there are dedicated staff members from LMC like counselor Rudolf Rose who is working hard from home to help students who are facing an assortment of issues. 

“Home and work life have changed incredibly. Like many of LMC community members, those two worlds have now become one,” said Rose. “Sometimes it’s hard to make sure that I keep those two worlds separate.” 

He tries to keep a routine to keep these two lives separate like he used to but finds that it is hard. 

“Sometimes I find myself waking up very early [in the] morning and checking my work email and doing work when technically my shift doesn’t start for another four hours,” said Rose.

Rose mentioned how his personal life can occasionally sneak into his work life and add its need for acknowledgment. 

“Sometimes I find myself being distracted by loved ones during work hours and must provide them with attention,” he said. “I’m thankful and very privileged to still have work during this pandemic and all the while keeping healthy and safe.”

Rose says he has tried really tried to adhere to the shelter-in-place order from the state, so with his new free time he is “staying home catching up on my shows and books to read, organizing and cleaning, and making sure to keep in touch with friends and family via video conferencing has been keeping me busy.”

He is also looking forward to trying to use old tools for new hobbies, “I also just opened a sewing machine I bought 5 years ago and hope to learn how to use it,” said Rose. 

Along with a focus on work and family, Rose also makes time for relaxing distractions like the new video game Animal Crossing to keep himself from burning out. 

The transition to completely remote services has been both easy and hard for Rose and all of those working in LMC’s counseling services.  

“[It’s] easy in the sense that I’m used to using the computer to communicate and do most of my job, but hard in the sense that not all are equipped with the tools and resources to be successful online,” he said, adding that it has also“gotten harder not being able to see my loved ones, colleagues, and students in person.”

Rose wants students to know that being out of sight doesn’t have to mean being out of mind. Even though students cannot physically see the Counseling Department because they are not on campus, Rose wants students to know that “we are still there able and willing to help them achieve their goals. LMC is here and available to assist you still.”

Though some may be hesitant to talk about what is currently going on in their lives, Rose hopes that students are “reaching out to others when you need help whether that be personally or in your school work.”

For more information visit the Counseling Department’s website