High schools to perform Beethoven with LMC

Lilly Montero, Staff Writer

In a night of collaboration and community, the LMC Orchestral Invitational invites students to come see Beethoven No. 1, Nov. 8 at 7:30 p.m. in the recital hall. General admission will be $8 and admission for students will be $5.

This event will feature four local high schools. Freedom, Heritage, Alhambra, and Antioch High Orchestra will each perform four individual pieces and then come together at the end of the night with LMC’s orchestra and play the first and fourth movements of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1.

Putting together this event has been a feat in and of itself. Because a piece of this size typically involves at least 40 people, Professor Zuniga was pressed to find a way to put on such a performance. However, in looking at other local orchestras of similar sizes, he seized upon the opportunity for the musical melding of minds.

“It’s kind of like this community of musicians getting together and joining forces so we can actually play a piece of music this massive,” Zuniga said.

Though getting all of the high schools and LMC ready for the event has been a bit of a juggling act, it has also been like creating an orchestral A-Team. The busy director has found himself bustling between each school once a week for weeks on end, but he is confident in their ability to deliver.

All of the schools involved in the event have “pretty well established music programs and they all have really great orchestra directors,” Zuniga said. “They do an exceptional job with their students.”

In addition to being a challenge, this event also opens the doorway for future collaborations that allow all of the students involved to grow and learn from one another. Orchestral musicians play these complex pieces all the time, Zuniga pointed out.

For students considering a career in orchestral music, events like these offer an opportunity to further improve and develop their talent.

“It will be beneficial for everybody… plus it’s fun!” Zuniga laughed.