Stangs dominate Napa in win

Men’s baseball secure a blowout victory

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

The Los Medanos College baseball team blew out Napa Valley with a final score of 21-5. Yet, the game wasn’t close from the start as LMC got the lead and didn’t look back.

AJ Gamboa was on the mound for the Stangs and he went on to have a good pitching appearance in the game. He struck out six batters while allowing two runs in five innings. He brought down his earned run average, or ERA for short, to 5.48 on the season. 

His splits show that he pitches much better at home than on the road as he has a 3.43 ERA at home and a 27.00 ERA on the road. Despite pitching in one away game so far, he gave up six runs in two innings in that start. 

Going into the offensive side, LMC immediately brought it to Napa with a two-run home run by third baseman Ryan Pierce, giving them a 2-0 lead. Three batters next, Jeremy Hill, outfielder for the Stangs, got a sac fly and increased their lead to 3-0 after the first inning.

The runs kept piling on for LMC in the second inning as Bubba Rocha grounded out to second, while Kris Leffle scored. The next batter was Ryan Pierce, and he got another two-run home run in two straight innings, giving LMC a 6-0 lead. 

Three batters left with Nico Torrez at second base, Khamani Blakney walks as Torrez steals third, but scores as the Napa catcher overthrows the ball into left field. After two innings, LMC had a 7-0 lead with the game looking to be a blowout. 

The third inning didn’t stop LMC, as they got a 10-0 lead after a run scored by a passed ball, a solo home run by Seth Gwynn, and an RBI single by Michael Weber. 

In the top of the fourth inning, Napa Valley finally got on the board after an RBI triple by Napa Valley’s Raisean Avila-Dorsey. In the bottom of the fourth inning, LMC got that run back after an RBI double by Kris Leffle. The fourth inning ended with LMC leading 11-1.

Showing no mercy as LMC was pouring on the runs with Napa Valley just trying to lessen the damage done to their team. 

The game was one-sided, lopsided, and mismatched where LMC displayed their strength, speed and grit to get runs and win a baseball game.

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