Baseball Team celebrates a walk-off win

A comeback victory against Sacramento

Jayden Lawrence, Staff Writer

The men’s baseball team was able to secure an 8-7 victory against Sacramento City on Feb. 11. The game had the impression of being over early on, but both teams fought hard to the end.

In the bottom of the tenth, LMC scored a final run to secure the victory of an intense game. Pitcher AJ Gamboa had three strikeouts, and brought in shortstop Colton Trudeau to pitch for the last two innings with another three strikeouts, but only allowing one unearned run. On the offensive end, outfielder Seth Gwynn had a great game scoring in three runs for LMC.

Within the first inning, first baseman Ryan Pierce hit a home run, setting the tone for a battle on the field. The following plays resulted in another point as Gwynn came home to put LMC up 2-0.

At the top of the second inning, Tyler Hamilton of Sacramento City circled home with a sacrifice play to put the score within one. Trudeau of the Mustangs, advanced on a base hit. After a ground out and shortstop error, he would score again for LMC, ending the inning at a score of 4-1.

The next five innings would trade two runs for each team, but great showings from both pitchers. Until the eighth inning, where multiple errors allowed runs to be easily scored. DJ hit a double and stole third base to set up a prime scoring into the fourth run of the inning for Sacramento. The score was 6-7, the only time Sacramento held the lead.  

With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, an RBI by Gwynn brought Nico Torrez back for the game tying point in the clutch. A Sacramento fan audibly yelled “game should be over” as he walked off to the parking lot. 

In the tenth inning, Bubba Rocha hit a double, the pitcher walked Trudeau, and Anthony Hurtado received a walk as well. When the bases were loaded, a wild pitch brought Rocha home to score the final points. It wasn’t the best ending to a great game, but it’s a walk-off that gave the Mustangs a win.

The Mustangs came back after their loss against Sacramento despite a scare in the eighth inning, while engaging the crowd during every moment of the game. For more information on the baseball team, visit