Men’s basketball team wins a thriller

Stangs comeback to win in OT

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

The men’s basketball team played a thrilling game in a conference battle against Marin College which ended in an 80-78 overtime win. The Mustangs battled back from a 11-point deficit to force overtime which made the audience cheer loudly.

The game started off with immediate threes from both teams as the game looked as if it was going to be a close contest. Both teams defended very well, and the first half didn’t show that either team was better than the other.

The first half went on as both teams stayed close to one another. There was never a time where one team had more than a five point lead. The defense for both teams was the highlight of the first half as it ended with a score of 38-37 with the Stangs in the lead. 

When the second half started, the Mariners quickly jumped to an 11 point lead, the biggest of the night. LMC basketball coach Derek Domenichelli called a timeout to calm his players down and it worked out.

After that timeout, the Stangs fought their way back into the game as within 3 minutes left, Marin led by one as Jason Zimmer got fouled behind the three-point line and went to the line. He got three foul shots and made them all to give LMC a two-point lead. 

The second half made the audience turn the gymnasium into a frenzy after Zimmer got the foul. Everyone was screaming from their lungs in support of the tough Stangs getting back into the lead. The noise that radiated from that gym would make it seem like it was fans at an NBA arena. The Stangs defied odds to force the game into overtime tied at 72. 

The second half brought frustrations, toughness and excitement that anchored the team through overtime. The period of overtime kept that energy going as the teams went back and forth scoring. 

As the game was ending, LMC had an 80-78 lead with 25 seconds left as the Stangs were inbounding the ball from the opposite side of their basket. The opposing coach decided against fouling LMC as the Stangs brought the ball up the court. This plan went well as LMC turned the ball over with six seconds left. 

As Marin got the ball back, their coach called a timeout to lay out a plan for the upcoming play. When they came back, the play was to win the game on a three-pointer. They tried their best, as they put up two separate three-pointers that both were contested and missed. LMC got the rebound and the player who got the ball immediately threw the ball into the air as time ran out. 

The crowd in the stands roared out in exhilaration as the Stangs pulled off an incredible come from behind victory to beat the College of Marin 80-78. 

The next home game for the men’s basketball team will be a massive conference game against the number one seed in the conference, Yuba City College on Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 5:30 p.m. For more information on the basketball team, go to