Turnovers cost LMC women’s basketball team the game

Lady Stangs lost against Napa College

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

The Los Medanos Mustangs women’s basketball team battled in a conference game against Napa College where they suffered a 90-78 defeat. They currently have an overall record of 10-12 for the season.

The team loss is primarily due to the abundant number of turnovers committed throughout the game. It was the careless mistakes that occurred that gave the opponent more chances at having a bigger lead on the women’s team. Even with the mistakes, they did have a lead going into halftime, but ultimately lost the game. 

The game went on and both teams were committing the same number of turnovers, but it was Napa who took advantage of those turnovers to get more second chance points. As the game went on, the score stayed close throughout. It was Napa, however, that took the lead after the half and kept it at the end. 

With nine minutes left in the second quarter, the Napa coach received a technical foul due to screaming at the referee for an extended amount of time which frustrated the referee. After the call, the coach wasn’t as animated as he was before the technical. 

There was another altercation between the coach and referee about a player being subbed out of the game.

There was another technical foul called on a Napa player for taunting an opponent. This technical foul was called by the same referee that called it on the coach.

The entire game wasn’t fun to watch from the stands as a conference rival defeated the home team when mistakes were being made by both teams. It was the back and forth exchanges that showed the weaknesses from both teams. It didn’t shine either time in the proudest way for the coaches. 

This game showed many reasons to change the scheme of how the basketball team plays and fast. The offense wasn’t being run by the guards, the players were all on their own, and the defense was sporadic from good and bad. 

No play-calling was being made, it looked as though they were just trying to stand at a spot and wait for the ball to come to them. There wasn’t any intention to create plays for other teammates. Most of the game went on without teamwork and more isolation plays that went away from the beginning.

Even with these negatives from the game, there were still some positives that could be taken. At certain points during the game, the women’s basketball team displayed teamwork with some excellent plays to score the basket. The team showed some incredible alley-oops to each other that brought some cheers from the people who attended the game.

The next home game for the women basketball team will be another conference game against Marin College on Friday Feb. 3 at 7:30 p.m. For more information on the basketball team, go to https://www.losmedanos.edu/basketball/womens/.